• I wake from a dream of pain
    staring at the emptiness in front of me
    I felt a tear echo with the outside rain
    the moon light hid solemnly

    The sheets had bled
    in this icy wake of thunder
    a reflection of crimson red
    the sight made me shudder

    I know it's not right
    in this dark and desolate place
    waking night after night
    I am of a different race

    this smell of black rust
    how I long for that taste
    addicted to blood I lust
    leaving the rest to waste

    I am but a monstrosity
    human only by shape
    my sins bier atrocity
    hidden in a death's rape

    doth they speak of insanity
    The mortals all conspire
    in all its naive profanity
    I am the true Vampire