• chilling and breaking
    dreaming but mistaking
    that sleep would bring me peace
    or that the pain would cease

    it throbs dully as i toss and turn
    my fingers itch terribly as i yearn
    to feel the sensitive touch you refuse to give
    to escape my bruises and learn to live

    thinking i could come to you was my first fault
    my second was when i ddnt srike you back
    it had been courage that i had lacked
    all sense of compassion comes to a hault

    sleep,it seems, is no longer an option
    not when my dreams burn me rotten
    if only i had sense to break away
    if only there was another way

    like for someone to come take hold of me
    and unleash the heavy chains you made
    out of the brutal memories i call my own
    into the shackles i call my home

    stuck slepless i am once again
    the last smoothing thing being the woosh of the rain

    i only wanted it to stop
    i only wanted the pain to end
    so i stepped into the street
    dripping wet and shivering from the rain
    pouring from the gray skies

    the truck barrels toward me and i suck in a breath