• ******** all the lies
    ******** shameless scars
    ******** my pathetic denial
    no more pretending
    throw away fake smiles
    fake laughs
    fake everything
    change hate to love
    and all the things, i love to hate
    bury the past, leave it alone
    forget the shaky history

    ******** all the haters
    ******** worthless scams
    ******** everybody who changed, who i am
    no more pretending
    lay the blades away
    cross a different form
    love is not my failure
    don't fake it
    you can't fake it
    you wouldn't know real, if it shoved a bullet in your head
    goodbye to the untrue stuff

    im myself nothing new
    everybody else is there own person
    you can't change me, nobody can
    i can change me, why the ******** would i though?
    im myself nothing new
    ******** all my fake smiles
    im nothing new
    liars, fakes, cheaters
    denial, pretending, scaring
    my pain is something, im never sharing
    don't give me a shoulder, im done trying
    all the ******** days, i've been crying

    lets get together, and throw away the past
    this is to a new beginning, this new s**t is gonna last

    love me, i dare you