• As the snow
    came fluttering down
    like feathers
    I wandered down a stray path

    The wind blows
    and I'm going to drown
    in my own tears
    I trip, yet never land.

    I kept on going
    Yet I always follow.
    I knew it.
    I knew I couldn't beat you.

    It's snowing.
    And i feel hollow.
    Life is empty
    Like an empty pot.

    Icicles form.
    An empty land.
    Everything is lost.
    Especially me.

    Lost in a storm.
    Drifting like sand.
    I can't move without you.
    Pushing me along.

    I turn my head.
    And try to get up on my own.
    Hopless. Worthless.
    I fall.

    When you said
    'you reap what you sow.'
    a voice pops in my head...
    your hopeless. you've lost.

    I keep on trying
    In this bitter cold.
    Where the moon never sets.
    And where the stars dance on and on.

    I know I'm dying.
    Thats what I was told.
    In this cold, lifeless land.
    Stuck in you shadow.