• Oh, you have made it true! Made meaninglessness gorgeous!
    clinch my fists as you sleep with a girl
    -dyed her hair blonde-
    - her parents didn’t love her-
    and that’s why she’s on her knees
    sucking from you what tastes (to her) like love
    but you don’t care
    you are numb
    I can tell you move on a track, they wind you up
    but the mechanics of your being do not reach the muscles of your face
    how frightening you look with those robotic movements
    and the granite I-no-longer-exist face

    my fading muse, you turned golden the blues
    but I never wanted anything shiny or glossy
    I just wanted honesty, and that was what you fed me
    -so strong, so tainted, so pure-
    that I became poisoned the more I saturated in the reality you poured upon me
    -the bloody rainbows you spat from speakers-
    -the clumsy drool that leaked from you in your sleep-
    and melts me on the ground
    my limbs in a heap
    begging art to enter me as it seeps from you in your sleep
    gold is no more than dignified brown
    and Time is wicked it’s taken your blue crown
    replaced it with one fashioned to fit the modern man
    oh what a mismatch it is for you
    but Time has made up its mind
    there is nothing to do but listen to the older recordings
    and touch the relic’s sweet fingertips
    -the memory pulsing every heartbeat- from one chest to another