• Take a guess
    Take a guess cause I'm not Me
    I'm not the one you'd thought I'd be
    Take a second think It through
    I'm standing here without you
    Understand that I am free
    I really don't need you with me
    I guess I was stupid to think it would last
    It took me minute to get what had been asked
    I really was your demon
    no matter what you thought
    I don't care about the cards your played
    you were the one that got bought.

    I really am someone that you can't understand
    No matter if you reach out and take my hand
    I have been on my own for 14 years
    I guess I'll be through all the tears
    You say I have ruined your life
    well suck it up your tears need dried
    I am sick of all the games you played
    I am dead and filled with pain.

    I guess I was vulnerable and didn't think it through
    someone that would listen was too good to be true
    I have made up my mind
    and walked away
    Here I am and I pray.

    Jesus Jesus is this right
    I'll be alone throught all the night.

    I am really the demon in your dreams
    the angel in your heart
    I will be there for you
    until my dear we do depart.