• Love only exist in the the land of fairy tales,
    thanks to the people polluting the world,
    as everything sky high fails,
    to see, to hear what they refuse to be told.

    What would it be?
    What would it do?
    Kiss me right here-
    lets get this right through,

    Love me here-
    Love me there

    Let your soul be sooth
    forget about the pain
    there is nothing to gain
    this is so false as it is the truth

    Nothing seems to be right
    it's useless to put up a fight,
    all you'll get is a stoned heart
    with no way to restart

    Love me,
    hate me,
    keep me,
    leave me,
    Doesn't matter anymore what you say,
    doesn't matter how many times you pray-
    there is no turning back for what you have brought upon yourself