• Almost two years,
    That we would have been,
    But now it's all over,
    And true pain I have seen.

    But you still want to kiss me,
    Hold me and touch,
    You just don't want to love me,
    I guess it's too much.

    I gave you my all,
    And you gave it all back,
    I did what I could,
    And you kept up the act.

    My tears just won’t stop,
    I just don't understand,
    Where we went wrong,
    What turned it all bad?

    I'll wait forever,
    You know that it's true,
    My life and my world,
    I'd do anything for you.

    Jump off a bridge,
    Set all on fire,
    Kill anything that lives,
    It's just you I desire.

    Don't let go so quickly,
    We've been through a lot,
    I need you like oxygen,
    Or have you forgot?

    The good and the bad,
    We'll get passed it all,
    If I trip you must catch me,
    Don't let me fall.