• Once Upon a Time
    Somewhere an ocean away
    I came upon the land
    Of the clover growing fey

    They harvested the clover
    In between full moons
    Then hung it out to dry
    On windy afternoons

    The children ate it's leaves
    The adults munched on the stems
    While the clover loving rabbits
    Were sleeping in their dens

    I helped them catch a rabbit
    That drew a bit too near
    To the life sustaining clover plant
    That the fairies held so dear

    After sipping at some clover wine
    And breaking clover bread
    I felt an icy raindrop
    Hit my unsuspecting head

    At once the fairies grew alarmed
    They began to scatter
    I caught one fey under my thumb
    To ask him "What's the matter?"

    "The dreaded storm!"
    he cried with fear
    "Will take away our clover plants!
    It happens once a year"

    "We didn't prepare for it's arrival
    Our clover faces it's doom
    Now let me go!"
    And with that he flew off into the gloom

    Through the murk I tried to move
    The storm was setting in!
    All the town was washed away
    As if punished for a sin

    So now upon that very spot
    Sits a beautiful clover patch
    Truly a pleasure it is to see
    It's allure has never been matched

    Yet the meadow is now quiet
    With no fey to be seen
    And the rabbits now rejoice
    Because their appetite is keen

    I however, long for the fey
    For the clover bread and wine
    And I keep waiting for the day
    That He will turn back time

    And take me once again
    To the clover growing fey
    Where the fairie mothers birth
    And the fairie children play