• This Heart Of Mine Keeps Pumping Hard,
    This Mind Of Mine Keeps Thinking Hard,
    Expressing In Words About What I Feel,
    But Words Are Not Enough To Describe This Feeling

    Saying Hi To You Is Hard For Me,
    Two Letters Are Not Enough To Say What I Feel,
    But Saying Many Words Is A Harder Thing,
    Cause You Can Easily Turn Around And Shut Those Ears For Me

    I'm Afraid To Make A Move,
    Cause I'm Afraid To Make Mistakes,
    Hoping That You Love Me Too Is The Thing To Do,
    But Maybe You Don't Feel The Same Way That I Feel For You

    If You Fall For Me,
    I Will Catch You, Hold You And Never Let You Go,
    But I Fall For You,
    Will You Catch Me And Never Let Go Of Me?

    We Are Binded By Two Different World And Culture,
    We Are Separated By Miles And Seas,
    But These Elements Are Not A Circumstance,
    For My Love For You To Fade And Begone Beyond Existence

    Hoping That This Way Would Work,
    Expressing My Love That I Never Let Go,
    One Way To Say Those Three Words For You,
    Wishing, Wanting, Needing You To Love Me Too~