• A true friend is someone who sticks by ur side.
    Some one who laughs and never makes u cry
    But U didnt stay and u treated me like dirt
    Well no I say haha oh well
    U said i cared more about my boyfriend then u.
    Well maybe that was true but i did still care alot about u
    U didnt care and shoved me away
    U stabbed be in the bk and threw me down
    Well guess wat i was stabbed there already i was thrown already
    U didnt do anything much
    I can live without u
    I can move on
    I loved u and u hurt me
    Oh well Ill live
    Just remember I live a life that i want
    Not a fake life that i put up for ppl
    Yes i fake happyness but only for u
    Yes i keep on a fake love
    But only to keep other from hurting u
    But did u care?
    U threw me aside...
    the more i write the more it hurts... U didnt care... U threw me in water to see me down
    Well im floating..sorry to disapoint u
    But im done with all UR lies
    U said i was ur sister
    Sisters dont slice ur heart in half
    Friends dont do that either
    So when u finally see wat u did was wrong...
    When u see i didnt forget u
    Then come bk and apologize
    Cuz im sure as heck not doing that for u

    Peace u know who u are