• I see him walking
    down the street.
    But im on the bus
    and i wanna meet.

    He seems so differently
    but the same.
    does he feel the same way
    or see me as lame.

    I always wait
    for the bell to ring.
    And make it to 6th period
    so my heart can start to sing.

    Whenever we come close
    i make sure we stay away.
    When relly i feel so lonely
    i dont want our eyes to stray.

    With his light brown hair
    and dark green eyes.
    His pale,freckled face
    makes my heart race.

    His smile is so beautiful
    i cant help but stare.
    But when he turns and looks at me
    i die inside when our eyes meet.
    And is that fair?

    Peter meens the world to me
    and i know i shouldnt feel this way.
    Should i hold on tight
    or have him float away....