• The way it feels...
    Is like the way I dream.
    It has happy moments a lot,
    but sometimes its depressing.

    When I think of you,
    It's like thinking about how you are my world.
    I've barely talked to you and yet.
    Yet I can already tell that I love you!

    When I see you,
    it's not just butterflies.
    It's much more than that!
    It's like My heart calls to yours,
    and it's lucky because you hear its cry.

    Will you talk to me?
    I want you to know how you make me feel,
    how you make me think,
    how you make me see my world!

    The way it feels...
    Is like a dream.
    It has its happy moments a lot,
    and its depressing ones too,
    but that's the way it should be...