• Happiness runs through the stars like the morning rise.
    Reminded me of time and space of the great beyond.
    Living in my own world
    You and me, nothing can stop us now.

    Forced by the man’s words. why you push us around?
    Thinking we couldn't be together, who told you we can’t….
    Now it’s all gone-I am alone now- I am sorry my love.
    Were done...

    Years passed, time fights away, nothing to care about,
    I passed you by yet it feels were still apart. A brick wall hangs in the balance.
    It’s been too long too long to bear, a waterfall cries, hoping for a sign.

    A lost cause, a shattered heart foreshadows.
    I hope she secede, because I will say behind
    A lost cause I am, prepared to die for my love’s smile again.
    Salvation is near, happiness will glistens once more.

    But yet I am still walking on this gloomy path.
    Wishing we can be together again.
    It’s complicated, I know.
    Love will always overcome, your smile will arisen, and tears will flood down your face.
    I will always be with you, Please do not worry. I'll be your Shining Knight once more.

    We will illuminate once more like the moon and stars.
    Just you and me.
    We are free.
    Together as one.