• I love him
    She took me
    I had no choice
    She hurt me
    In ways I cannot explain
    He healed me
    Again, she hurt me
    Again, he healed me
    Again, she hurt me
    The cycle goes on
    Forever will I be broken
    Forever will I be stuck;
    Stuck in eternal torment;
    the eternal torment of death.
    Stuck in the middle
    The middle of death and life.
    Life wanes but the calm of death backs away.

    He hurts
    He tried to heal
    He failed
    He fills with guilt
    Stuck in a different torment
    A torment of love
    Impossible love
    Inevitable love
    Unacceptable love
    Love so strong
    yet so weak
    compared to the power
    the power of fate and life.

    She smiles
    She laughs
    What does she feel?
    Does she feel at all?
    Does she understand?
    Is she cruel?
    Is she even alive?
    Why does she do it?
    Why pull me away?
    Why make me hurt?
    Why make him hurt?
    Why cut me down?
    What happened to my mother?

    We cry
    She laughs
    We laugh
    She cries
    I die
    She thrives
    I live
    She yells
    He smiles
    He tries

    Why did it happen?
    What happened to my mother?
    What will happen to Father?
    What will happen to us?
    My family?
    Our relationship?
    My friends?

    I love him
    He loves me
    We love each other
    We're tortured together
    And at the same time separated.
    We thrive together
    and we die separated.

    I cry in the dark
    I cry in the cold
    I cry by myself
    I hold myself
    I'm gone
    Still I love him.
    Whispers escape
    Barely audible over sobs