• Wouldn't one just want to
    Paint the world in flames
    For in the charred remains
    Everything finally looks the same
    Bless you child
    No more mistakes
    The fire will do everything
    It will give... but mostly take
    And then the heat will melt away
    Your sorrow and your fear
    But only after much pain, but don't worry my dear
    This plan is all so very clear
    Smoke will rise and blot out lies
    The truth will haunt your dreams in various disguise

    So ask yourself ths question now
    Does the devil seem so evil?
    For this is what he strives to do
    He has the strength where the other is so feeble
    Open your mind to the possibilities
    Everyone will feel the same disease
    The burning sensation will fill the whole
    That use to be your heart
    For emotions matter little here
    They only lead to hate.. an obstructuin of the mind
    All that is needed here is a simple gap
    That will slowly be filled with pain