• It's that feeling you get
    When nothing goes right
    And everyone seems to be against you
    People tell you that you should go die and never come back

    It's the dark cloud that looms over your head
    As you trudge on
    All you can do is wait for it to pass
    For the darkness is more powerful
    Then you could have imagined
    Try as hard as you can, nothing happens,
    You can scream, yell, and strugle,
    But nothing happens

    It's a dream of total silence and pain
    Unbearable and unimaginable
    You cry and scream
    But you cant move or breath
    The worst part is
    You know you are alone
    And that as long as you are here,
    You will always be alone

    It's a dark silken blanket that blinds you, drowns you, and squeezes tight
    Squezes so tight that it drains you of the little life and love you had left
    You try to grab hold, but all it is is slippery and dark

    It's a voice that whispers threats and lies
    The voice screams of death and darkness
    As the scratched voice rips at your eardrums and all you can do is suffer
    You trash and kick, but no one cares
    Not a soul cares enough to try and save you

    It's like being burried alive
    The darkness
    The cold, sweaty feeling
    The mashed down feeling
    The only sound is the sound of your own ragged breathing
    Your ragged breathing which is steadily
    Until it can no longer be heard