• I was helpless
    I couldn't do a thing
    She brought me here
    Now I'm alone
    Now I'm sad
    Now I'm crying
    Now I hate her

    I can't do a thing
    The problems are left;
    I could do it.
    I could help.
    At the same time,
    I can't.

    I hate being like this
    I hate being helpless.
    I can't do a thing.
    I know I would have the power
    The power to help
    If only we were older
    If only time would fast forward
    I could help.
    No more grief
    No more sorrow
    No more tears
    No more hate
    But I can't

    I can't give you money
    I can't help my parents
    I can't go to him
    I can't do a damn thing
    Not until I'm older
    Not until its over
    Not until it doesn't matter
    Not until its too late
    I can't help it;
    I'm helpless
    and I hate it.

    You can't control fate
    You can't order God around
    You can't travel through time
    You can't make it better
    With a swish of a wand
    So please help me
    So I can help you
    But that won't happen;
    We're helpless.