• Deathand the Glass Heart

    If I die tonight would you even care?
    I thought you could love me.
    But it just wasn't there.
    I thought you were looking at me.
    I was just caught in your stare.
    There is nothing i wanted more to be with you till the end.
    I am a fool to fall in love with a girl with a glass heart.
    broken and bruised I walk away.
    I stumble to the floor pounding my feelings deep within.
    I tried to be the one you want but all I can do is fail.

    Enigmatic Transaction of the Spastic

    What am I but a mystery.
    What was the meaning.
    To everything.

    Ending this transmision
    Only feel the despair of things.
    Drift away in the blood.
    The flesh is weighed.
    Sins wont wash away from me.

    Let me In

    Never felt so alone like I do when your gone.
    I just break down and cry.
    Falling to pieces here without you.
    Been thinking of ways to keep myself in your heart.
    When I am with you it just feel's so right.
    Your like a dream to me.
    Why should it ever end.
    Just let me in.
    I need to be with you forever.
    I cant see any other way.
    I love you with my all.
    Just let me in.
    Thoughts of you wash over me every second of the day.
    A day without you seems like a thousand.
    And I dont care where I am as long as you are there.
    Let me be the one to make you smile.
    It makes my day just to hear you laughing.
    You could stop my tears with just one smile.
    Can you please just let me in.
    We could spend nights walking down by the ocean.
    Starring at stars and laughing together.
    Our life could be so happy.
    I'd try to make it perfect.
    Anything to make it work.
    To be with you again.
    Just let me in.

    Sides of the sixes

    Sides of the sixes
    Side by side and six by six by six
    hand and hand walk with the devil a bit
    The fruit of the world spoiled and waste
    Nothing left to taste
    Gun in hand finger on the trigger aim at gods
    Just to feel bigger
    random acts of violence brings back silence
    you just hush your mouth before i defile it

    Apparitions and Incense...

    Smoke fills this romm like thoughts clouding my mind.

    Cant see my way to the door.

    Just lie on the floor.

    The walls spin around my day dreams.

    Visions of acension.

    To dine with gods of man.

    Sanctum and grand ceremonies.

    Golden mountians where the blood flows down and covers the world.

    Feast and fodder for demons.

    Death in Timing

    I hate this World
    The way it shifts.
    The way it binds my heart.
    I feel like a void where nothing seems to go.
    Time seems to move to fast.
    Everthing I want seems to taint.
    The pain of life is deafening.
    Im glad I wont last.
    Just a few moments
    I turn to broken glass.

    I think I am missing something.

    I cant seem to find my way.

    Should I take you down with me.