• If I were to vanish or die

    would anyone care or cry,

    Would they even try to find me

    or would they just leave it be,

    Some days I wonder if it would be right

    to vanish from everyone's sight,

    Would it be the right thing

    or would too many hearts sting.

    Some days I feel so weak

    but I try and turn the other cheek,

    But inside all I feel is pain

    and everyday is filled with rain,

    My sky has always been gray

    some days there's nothing to say,

    I try to keep on a cheery mask

    but it's always been a tiring task.

    I now sit back in a void

    one of which I tried to avoid,

    Like a moth to the flame

    it's softly called my name,

    It's nearing that day

    when there's nothing to say,

    I will simply cease to exist

    who would care to assist.

    One day I won't be here

    I'll wander with no one near,

    Into the unknown I'll go

    without any emotion to show,

    It's a path of sorrow and hate

    but it is almost my perfect fate,

    I've been in the way too much

    nothing holds a comforting touch,

    To those who've talked with me

    may be able to look past this and see,

    There's more to me then just an empty shell

    they'd know because they helped me up when I first fell