• Make the reseau on lacey linen
    while summer follows fall.
    Find the thing ne’er hidden
    while Eratosthenes towers above all

    Ergo the dumb shall speak,
    and the blind man seems to swoon
    at the first sight of the moon.
    Look, cowards so bravely fight the meek.

    The deaf man silents all to listen
    to the movement of the cloud.
    You say you want smooth transition
    It’s your way to nirvana now.

    Can’t we simply reap then sow
    The benefits we seek?

    Or do we forget to go
    back to being meek?

    Fading in;
    and out again.

    The day is growing dark.
    The trees are growing stark.
    And mighty falcons fall!
    To the feeble meadowlark
    And in this mighty might hall;
    I beg for you to stay
    Just one more -
    one more day.

    ‘cause I can’t take this anymore -
    When up is down,
    and dark is light.

    and here...
    and there...
    when we have it all...
    it means nothing's left...
    nothing's left...
    and only then we fall.