• I don't really know what's happening with me
    What happened back there
    I'm longing for something that can't be mine
    and I guess I'm getting confused
    cuz I know I'll miss you like hell
    dang it, you're getting in my nerves
    you're spreading from head to toe
    owning the pieces nobody took

    I hate writting this poem
    cuz when I read it again
    I'll declare myself over insane
    just because I'm admitting you had taken me off guard
    it isn't okay for you to cause this stir
    this sea, these waves of crazyness,
    of blurring electricity
    this is what is taking over me

    All this time I knew you had made a side on my new history
    but I didn't knew you would take so many space in me
    I'm driving the wrong road
    and you're crashing my car, my heart without notice
    I guess I should give up
    Oh, why am I jealous?
    What is this? What are you doing?
    How can I avoid it?

    I know this sounds kinda lame
    but I love you, somehow I do
    You're taking me
    causing me to lose my mind
    The riot
    The mess
    The most wrong thing I've done in my life
    cuz it seems I'm getting my hopes on
    when I know they'll die
    all burned, bruised, cut
    but I'll wait 'til 6 to know if this was temporary
    I'll wait and wait hoping for this feeling to die