• You hid your name from all but few
    You were the greatest detective the world had ever knew

    One day criminals started dropping like flies
    You suspected that someone was up to their demise

    Then you narrowed Kira down to Japan
    It didn't take you long to put holes in his plans

    From the first sight of Light
    You tired to prove he was Kira with all your might

    Your team said it wasn't true
    But you knew Light's stories were all but a ruse

    You tired to play nice with Light
    In hopes that he'd slip up and you were proven right

    Then appeared Kira number two
    It wasn't long before Misa Amane was accused

    They released their Shinigami's and turned themselves in
    You couldn't figure out why they were acting so dim

    You released them without judge or jury
    But you never gave up on your theory

    One day you got a breakthrough in the case
    But victory was all Light could taste

    His memory had returned
    And the Death Note was finally learned

    Light told Rem you threaten Misa's life
    Her only choice was to make you disappear out of sight

    You were striken with a heart attack
    Light began to laugh at this fact

    You laid dying at Light Yagami's feet
    Fore he was the winner and you had to accept defeat

    The cat and mouse game had came to an end
    As you died in the arms of a man you once called friend

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