• "I know how you feel, I just don't care"

    "it's all about me, deal with it"

    "I love boys, they're stupid"

    "you suck and that's sad"

    "i love everybody. except you pinheads"

    "love sucks big time"
    I hate everything"
    "I'll be nicer when you're smarter"
    "Cute but psycho, things evn out"
    "Cute but eveil"
    "I'm not listening"
    "It's cute how stupid you are"
    "I love boys, they're stupid"
    Whatever you moron"
    "You're gross, I'm hot. Doesn't seem fair does it?"
    "You suck big time"
    "You're funny...looking"
    "Wow, you're ugly"

    -Happy Bunny
    hi, cram it
    plz place all statments in the form of complaments its all about me deal with it crazy dosent even cover it the world needs drama queens if you get fat it just makes me look better, so eat it whatever the big the bad and the bunny bunny love could olney get better if you were gone i know right from wrong but wrong is the fun one my name is mean people make thies shows that cant even get cooler than me!