• by: Alenient Fang LaCour
    Dedicated to: Sharlaine Mae Alteran

    I scamper swiftly in dark woods,
    With wound open, I starved for foods,
    Fearing not of felony's flute,
    I glimpsed thy beauty bathed in chute.

    Ardent celibate of the wold,
    With radiating heart of gold,
    Bestow thy convalescing craft,
    Purge me from huntress stabbing shaft.

    If thou art forlorn in this Holt,
    Thou might be buffet by blast's bolt,
    Care not in my paragon grim,
    Winnow me i thou wait for him.

    Thou hath succor me from weald's harm,
    My sojourn's reason is thy charm,
    I opt to forebear but I'm frail,
    Thy blood filled my vacuous grail.

    If thou accept my cursed concur,
    Squall and debacle might occur,
    If thou saith that thou do fondle,
    I do hope that thou can handle.