• Oh please stop.
    Please stop hurting me.
    All i want to do is love you.
    Oh yes, thats all.
    But you kept shooting me down.
    You left me for her,
    Oh yes,
    Thats what you did.
    Was i just a tool to get to her?
    Were you just using me?
    I need to know,
    Did you ever love me?
    I was so hurt...
    I was so sad...
    I didnt want anyone in my heart again...
    But now,
    You see,
    I have another.
    I have someone that makes me whole again.
    And ill confess,
    Hes better than you.
    In every single way.
    In touch,
    In love,
    In sight,
    In sound,
    In smell,
    In taste.
    Hes very talented.
    Hes very kind and caring, and giving.
    Hes way more than you could ever be.
    Hes smart,
    Hes sweet,
    Hes all i ever wanted,
    And more.
    He is the light at the end of my nightmare.
    He is the pathway i needed all along.
    All you were was a detour.
    And he was the arrow,
    Pointing me in the right direction.
    He saved me,
    When all i wanted to do,
    Was die because of you.
    He saved me from not only you,
    But me as well.
    He was the only thing that kept me breathing every day.
    And he still is today.
    I never thought some one like him,
    Even exsisted in real life,
    I thought they were only true in fairy tales.
    If this is a dream,
    Please dont wake me.
    Im living my own fantasy.
    And he is my prince charming.
    And im his princess.
    We will be happy.
    Despite you.
    Despite that you try your hardest to keep me sad.
    How could i ever be sad,
    When i see his bright brown eyes,
    His full lips,
    His cute nose,
    His gorgeous smile.
    I could never be sad again.
    Not even from you.
    No never again will i be sad because of you.
    Because now, i have him.
    And hes way more than you could ever dream to be.
    And i want every one to know,
    I love him.