• the day started well untill a cry came out it gave me a fright
    as i went to the window i saw a figure in the night
    it looked like a bat or could it been more
    when i looked down i saw a note by the door
    as i sat upon my bed
    seeing what the letter said

    "to the fiend that finds this letter
    to you things will not get better
    for all you know will be dark
    until you head up to the park
    if you dont somthing might happen
    like the back of your skull will start tappin'
    blood will come out galore
    it will feel like you've been hit by a boar
    so come quick
    and dont be a p***k
    and things shoud go well
    by george betell"

    i had to find out who this is
    it cant be my sister liz
    for she had been asleep
    so this a secret i had to keep
    i had to meet this man
    but i should go with a plan
    so when i went, i stood next to a tree
    a figure jumped out in front of me
    it made me jump
    i hit my head and grew a lump
    i yelled "who are you"
    it replided "dont be scared i am your uncle lou"

    so as you can see liveing with darkness can be hard
    lets hope you dont leave a comment saying "tard"

    BY draco the dark dragon
    hope you like what i have done