• Bend it from the Inside Out

    I see you with your blue hair.
    Your “unique” artistic flair.
    And all that metal in your ears.
    Trying to be different from your pears.

    But you can’t work within the system,
    Can’t bend it from the inside out.

    And who am I?
    Ordinary I won’t deny.
    Mature they think,
    But they’ve never seen my ink.

    Work within the system,
    Bend it from the inside out.

    I’m a rebel
    And I plan to excel.
    I’m gonna make it big.
    I was born for this gig.

    I can work within the system
    I can bend it from the inside out.

    Cuz they trust me
    Cuz I do what they want
    And they listen to me
    And they do what I want

    Because I’m in the system
    And I’m looking out.

    And you’re causing a c!o!m!m!o!t!i!o!n.
    With your stead fast devotion.
    To be absolutely unique.
    But you can’t stand up to their critique.

    So you’re outside the system.
    And you’re looking in.

    And you can’t change a thing from there.