• I gaze out into the world, dreaming with my eyes open
    But i know something is wrong, why won't you tell me?
    You are with me when everythings fine..
    But when somethings wrong, you confide in another
    I've given up on love from you, i know it would be one sided
    But am i that untrustworthy you can't tell me anything?
    I see it on you're face, in the way you walk, and the way you talk...
    You're upset, but i want you to trust me enough to tell me
    Until then, we can never be to close of freinds

    We met when you loved another
    You always looked at me, and turned away when i looked back
    you were dazzling, and smart, but you made me nervous
    to shy to speak, i always joked to freinds to see if you would laugh
    But time has passed, and i can't feel anything more ten freindship
    But, hen you want to talk about something, why am i the last to know?

    I walk a lonely path, but one thats not complicated
    But then you came in, and you looked buetiful
    But freinds turn on the freinds of freinds
    Telling rumors, and lies, but i don't believe them
    I feel something, but ill have to reject that feeling
    Because accepting it, would hurt you
    A silent spark covered by the snow
    This ended..... before it began

    Last but not least, one who i look at and never want to dream again
    Her buety and brains, Her humor and prescence
    I don't hold a torch to her, she is above me
    I'd fight anyone who spoke ill of you without hesitation
    Even if i know..... You'll never love me