• Why must I be a fool,
    Who walks a path of doom,
    Trying to escape the truth,
    Of Lonliness and gloom.

    Why must I suffer pain,
    From deep within my heart,
    A pain I could barely handle,
    From the very start.

    Why must I be alone,
    And bare the weight of it all,
    Forced to struggle on,
    Forced down to a crawl.

    Why must i have Feelings,
    That tear me in two,
    Such confusion that leaves me,
    Not knowing what to do.

    Why must I love her,
    With such unbridled passion,
    That my love seems to be conveyed,
    Through my every action.


    I'm a fool for many reasons,
    But thats part of being human,
    This pain is of my own accord,
    And will surely happen again,
    I'm alone because of the pain,
    That I need to work out,
    I Have these mixed feelings,
    Because I'm shrouded in doubt.

    But loving her,
    Confuses me so,
    For I have no reasons,
    So I do not know,
    But she's become my world,
    And stolen my heart,
    So Why do I feel these things?
    ...Because we are too far apart...