• You ******** me over
    One time enough
    Tarnished my name
    Held me down rough

    I won't take it anymore
    I'll fight for what I deserve
    Go kicking and screaming
    Nothing left to preserve

    I'll play dirty this time
    Hands deep into the mud
    Just like you did
    When I gave you my love

    You chipped off pieces
    Though I've never kept track
    Held me sky-high
    From the strings on my back

    I won't hold back anymore
    You've played this game too long
    Don't fault myself for realizing
    What was said in every song

    But, guess what?
    This heartbreak ended
    The anger took over
    Love wasn't enough
    So I'll brush off my shoulder

    Staring into the distance
    I'll cover my eyes
    No more pretenses
    Truth held through the lies

    Scared of being lonely
    I'll put aside these days
    Concentrating instead,
    Thinking of ways

    To mend my broken heart
    And rediscover myself
    So you listen now!
    I don't need your help

    Even though I'm alone now
    I'm still going to try
    To get through these days
    Me, myself and I.