• You look into a mirror and what do you see?

    Some face muffled in makeup and professionally whitened teeth.

    The image you hold is your most prized possession you say?

    Well, what if you had to give it all away?

    Would you still feel as beautiful as a flower?

    Or would you stay home and whither in the shower?

    So many people think all that counts is what you see.

    But you can’t see everything for true beauty runs deep.

    It’s not in your smile or the clothes that you wear

    But it is in your heart and the feelings you share.

    Don’t hide behind the mask of materialistic views.

    Share your love with others and let the light shine through.

    If you wear what your friends want you to wear and do what they want you
    to do

    You would never be an individual, you would never be you!

    Be yourself; don’t follow the crowd for you may make a wrong turn.

    But if you follow your own path you will never be wrong, you will just have to learn.

    Make decisions for yourself and you will see,

    That the world is what you make of it, yes you, not me.