• Come Play With Me

    Tiny missiles, about to burst
    Clouds and darkened skies
    Rain coming to do its worst
    Laughing as it tries

    Come, come play with me
    Turn your face upwards and stay with me
    Open your eyes and you can see
    The world in rain drops’ glory

    Grey, moss covered stones
    Weathered, beaten tiles
    Wet ground over old bones
    No one around for miles

    Come, come play with me
    Dance alone in the rain with me
    But don’t stay long or you will see
    The world in thunders’ glory

    Howling wind and roaring thunder
    Flash of light and burning trees
    While old bones shake a long ways under
    With knocking elbows and trembling knees

    Come, come play with me
    Under the ground you’ll stay with me
    One flash of light and you’ll be free
    To lay down in the ground with me

    Fresh cut stone and fresh cut earth
    Saddened lives and weeping hearts
    The hard cold ground is now your berth
    A flash of light tore you apart

    Come, come play with me
    Don’t you see how you’ll be free?
    If you don’t want to stay with me
    Don’t dance in thunders’ glory