• Gone from my life a page has been ripped out
    My life story gone
    In a blink of an eye
    12 years I spent with you
    I try not to doubt
    But I can’t help it
    Time flows by
    Are you different?
    1 year has past
    Are they different?
    Yeah I’m all grown up
    “How’s School”
    It sucks
    “Do you have any friends?”
    Yes, and that’s all that matters
    Why won’t these feelings just disappear?
    Like I did
    I used to be so shy
    That’s what he says
    Who am I really?
    Maybe that just it
    I don’t know the real me
    Do you know me mom?
    Huh, do you really know me?
    What is my favorite color?
    “Why would I know that?”
    One by they all get ripped out
    Page after page
    Until I stop breathing and it’s the end
    Or is it
    Maybe there
    Is a way
    To get out
    Rewrite my story

    Not for any body else
    But me
    I hope I find it
    Cause I losing a hold on
    It’s all turning into a dream
    No a nightmare
    I’m running I see you and all my friends
    I scream for you
    But, you just turn you backs
    On me
    Are you okay
    No am I supposed to be
    What’s wrong?
    Come back then
    I can’t
    Why not
    I can’t
    Yes you can
    You know I love you right
    Do you?
    I hate him I can’t go back
    Yes you can
    You can deal with it
    Crazy really
    I think I am crazy
    Maybe that’s just it
    Maybe I need help
    Time goes by in a blink of an eye
    Is my story gone?
    Like the rest of me
    In place
    Is not me
    Why can’t they see it
    I need them to help me
    No you don’t
    Mom, how are they doing?
    How are you
    Mom I’m fine
    Just perfectly fine