• A girl was looking her best

    Afraid that charming wouldn't come made her full of stress

    As she opened her eyes she saw what was first

    Her eyes began to water her heart began to burst

    She asked if he loved her he said he did ....before

    she asked what about now he said he wasn't sure

    She went to run and cry

    He grabbed the arm of his ex future bride

    He placed his hands gently on her face
    He said i"m sorry i need some space

    she shaked from her broken hearted tears
    she just had faced her biggest fear

    Their love had fallen from one strong year
    but that was something she didn't want to hear

    The ex love said how about a kiss?
    she clenched her jaw and curled her fists

    After all the tears streaming down her face
    her breaking heart left her with out a word to say