• Looking up
    seeing it there,
    its always there when i
    need it
    I want it,
    my moon.
    It's always there,when i cry
    i cried for him, it was there
    he broke my heart, I cried,
    it was there.
    it's always there for me
    i look at those eyes that
    seem to gaze down at me,
    I long for the moon, my moon
    It's as if my prince is upon the moon above.
    my dear moon, my all so watchful prince,
    I want you , I need you, but in my heart I know I
    can't have you.
    All I can do is watch,
    gaze, at those starry eyes, and do the only thing.
    Hope, that someday , you will come for me, and
    you will only mine and I will only be yours.