• Like a game you played me
    Messed with my head
    My feelings
    Existence gave me no reason to be
    You feel sad so stop for a chat
    But why should I talk to you?
    You treated me like a brat
    I suppose we were ok till HE came
    Yes, i suppose we were
    What did he do?
    He left me mentaly crippled & maimed
    Left me with naught but hatred
    From then I promised never to love again
    I moved as far as possible away
    But even here there are the men
    The ones who despise a sore soul like mine
    They creep up slowly from behind
    Steal your life, peice by peice
    Like little kids who find a puzzle
    Can't they just leave me,
    Let me be lonely in peace?
    Lord, I fear I have been played