• Hey
    Why are you
    You, of all people
    Walking away?
    Don't leave me!
    Turn around
    And face me!
    I know that
    Every step
    That you take
    Is taking you
    Away from me
    You're forgetting me
    Aren't you?
    I'm fading to gray
    With each step that you take
    I'm melting away
    You were my life
    Mine, no one else's
    My very reason to
    Go on living in this world full of sorrows
    And now you are leaving
    Just telling me to
    'Hold on'
    Well, what if I can't?
    I've never been the strongest, you know.
    All these words want to spill out
    But all I can say
    Are a few words
    Simple, but powerful
    And I just have to hope that you'll listen.
    "Please don't forget me.
    In all that you do
    Just please keep me in mind
    It's all I ask of you."

    It would kill me
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