• What If I never find it?
    What if it never finds me?
    What am I supposed to do?
    Run and hide? Decide this is my fate?
    Or should I surrender, give up and go on without someone to love?
    Why there isn't someone for me?
    Is love supposed to be this cruel?
    I'm 17 and still there's no one for me?

    I truly want to believe I'll find my prince.
    Someone who will stand by me
    and will find a way to steal my soul.
    There had been scratches, glimpses, fake illusions of love
    and I had to pay the cost,
    to cry alone
    wanting to be hold
    before I fall into a hole.

    Waht if I never get my kiss?
    The one that will wake me from the darkness?
    Will I stand asleep forever?
    Will I die in a bed, full of loss?
    or will I die without the mend of my broken heart?
    Love doesn't want me.
    It doesn't need me.
    It seems to hate me.

    I try to be cool,
    to pretend and play along
    but it hurts to much'
    to see them happy, to see such devotion
    while I'm jealous, venom in my mouth,
    longing for his kiss, for those lips to welcome mine
    but he'll never know, no one does.

    What if I decide to love you with all my soul?
    Will you crush it agaisnt a wall?
    I wasn't born for this.
    I am not here to take this blows.
    I can't resist such a pain
    through this veins.

    I'm not ready for the freefall
    but if you knock my door
    I'll open it for sure.
    I'll make you see that you belong with me
    but again I have to say goodbye
    because forever it is
    love not for me,
    only for you,
    only for them.