• i may not be the girl you've dreamed about
    i might not be the perfection
    you've been looking for
    if only you could see me
    if only so perfectly
    if it could be me
    simply me

    i may not be every thing you ever wanted,
    but i'm me,
    simply me,
    just what you need,
    why can't you see,
    me the way i really am,
    me simply me i'm
    someone who's there,
    someone who cares,
    who you could bare to lose

    You may not dream of me,
    but i dream about,
    dreamin about me,
    dreaming about you
    When i see you,
    you take my breath a-way,
    i think of you day and night,
    every waking moment of my life,
    i sit here at your side,
    wishing that one day you could dream of me the same,
    one day------

    So maybe i,
    just me,
    simply me,
    could be the girl,
    you know the one,
    the girl of your dreams,
    in your eyes, perfect in all ways,
    the one who will always,
    hold your heart until the end
    So til then i'll be me,
    simply me,
    just dreamin of you,
    dreaming of me,
    dreaming about you-------