• Have you ever wondered why
    you can't manage to reason
    with the people who don't like you?
    Change their minds like changing seasons,
    broadcast west and shiftin' east,
    they're all troops commitin' treason.
    Why haven't you ever seen
    that they're the shoulders that you lean on?

    Darwin says we're made of water,
    but I say we're made of fire.
    Life to ashes, ash to life,
    got the passion and desire.
    Closer to the sun, I'm higher;
    flicker, dancing like a lighter;
    my own sweat and bloody tears
    crafted my mind an open glider.

    But this glider just can't fly
    without the wind behind to guide it.
    Even a butterfly that beat its wings
    could help a tiny bit.
    The moral you should take from this
    is "Good times are legit,
    but without the bad before 'em,
    everything will feel like s**t."