• Flowers and colors
    candy that rocks! blaugh
    Jamming my music
    That I use to block talk2hand
    dance while i scream!
    I party and sing rofl
    it's just who i am
    Though I am off key whee
    Tonight I am wild
    Later remembered neutral
    The party of one
    I am a teen
    I am me
    Crazy right?
    But i'm just fine
    I can have fun
    Without the drugs
    without the booze
    without the sex
    that so many do
    you thing I'm wrong?
    Well that's cool
    Cuz I bet
    you'ld love it too
    but your probably
    To awsome
    probably to hot
    to be on your own
    With your thoughts
    Cuz this is where you are
    While i'm back at the top
    Reliving last night
    with the Flowers
    And colors
    And Candy that rocks
    Cuz I know who I am
    and I don't give a F**K rofl