• Love stole him away from me.
    She wrapped Her arms around him,
    And placed Her head on his chest.

    Love choked his feelings for me
    Out of him: Like had taken him, but Love
    Had him, before Like had him thinking of being with me.

    Love had his heart, but Like had his mind;
    The place me and him played hide and seek at,
    because as long I was there, he knew I could be found.

    Love kissed him. She placed Her lips on his;
    Planted a kiss, then, parted his lips, so he
    Could taste Her some more.

    Love puzzled him. She said She wanted him, so
    She told him they'd always be together; yet,
    Forever didn't come fast enough so she left.

    Love left, and Like came.
    Like interested him, and He liked her more,
    But, he decided to give Love a chance, again.