• The feelings i had are now gone.
    I thought if I saw you there in my door way it'd be a disaster.
    But it wasnt.
    When I saw you with another girl
    I thought I would die.
    I didnt.
    When you hugged me
    it wasnt the same.
    Your smile just faded away.
    When I looked to you with nothing in my eyes.
    You had looked like you were gonna die.

    "Will you call me once again?"
    I didnt answer.
    How could I?
    You stole my heart
    ripped it to shreds
    and then set them on fire.
    How could I answer you.
    I nodded.
    A smile unasure
    came to your face.

    "Will we see each other again?"
    I had hoped not but maybe.
    I answered you finally.
    But with doubt that I will.
    I told my friends of what you did.
    They laughed and laughed.
    One of them actually saw my feelings
    of sadness.
    I was lost...but soon was found once more.
    Within their hug.
    I finally felt free.
    This wave came over me.
    This must be what it feels like.
    No longer do my chains of sorrow hold me down.
    Nor do your memories.