• I walk beside my shadow,
    on the road to sorrow,
    and hatered,
    sometimes i wish some one was there,
    its an empty road,
    theres flashbacks in my mind,
    of hatred and screaming,
    and tears,
    my shadow holds my hand,
    as tears roll down my face,
    life was so dissapointing,
    it was hard,
    and it hurt,
    people told me well be by ur side for ever,
    but its just an empty person thats walking on a road of sorrow,
    i hear laughs and whispers,
    of what it used to be,
    as my dirty hair blows in the wind,
    i take my last steps and fall to the ground,
    i lay there and cry,
    my shadow stands tall,
    drops of rain hit my face,
    and its at that moment where the last breath of my life slips away