• every night i look up
    i see the stars
    i see the satilites

    they look so peaceful
    they look so cold
    they look magnificent

    from this ground below
    i wonder if they see me
    i wonder if i glow

    i wonder if they know
    how i feel for her
    how they know

    i wonder about the stars
    i wonder about the satilites
    i wonder if we're ment to be

    i wonder if she knows
    i wonder if she's lonely
    i wonder if she can see me

    oh...how i wonder
    oh...how i see
    oh...how impossible this memory can be

    hate the thought of losing
    hate the thought of loving
    hate the thought of fear

    but fear is everywhere
    its in me
    you, trees, life

    why do stars shimmer
    why do satilites glow
    why is life so complicated

    what will we become
    satilites...stars...or ourselves
    life is neither stars nor satilites

    we have our times to shine like a bright star
    we have our times to show like the great satilite
    we have our times of need like them both

    there stuck in the black sea called space
    were stuck on a rock called earth
    we die as they still live

    we can move on
    while they stay still
    our families teach us

    the stars teach us
    the satilites teach us
    the world teaches us

    all in all we are
    both satilites and stars
    to teach the world how and who we are