• Up, down, right, left, back, front, and side to side,
    Looks of anger and love came to me
    To the side and to that side I hide
    I live in the past, present, and future
    Tonight is the end of me,
    To me the day feels like an eternity to mature
    For tomorrow, I feel hope
    For yesterday, I feel sorrow
    For today, I feel nonchalant
    All my life I felt a kindred spirit
    But never a friend to my name
    To stay is to leave
    To leave is to stay
    No feeling to my life
    No time for romance,
    Power to all beings, living and dead,
    For me the power to live through my mind
    For my writing I am an author
    A poet, novelist, and professor
    Obviously a scholar, but more a slacker
    Life brings love and loss,
    I live in a society of power and poverty, life and death, good and bad, whiter and darker