• The wind blows, but i stand unmoved.
    E heart verything whirls around me, but I'm paralyzed.
    You stand right in front of me,
    Everything i could ask for in front of my eyes.

    My heart soars and
    Butterflies flap their wings in me.
    As Your hand skids across my cheek,
    My world comes tumbling down.

    Is this really wht i want?
    I thought I was in love,
    In love with you, but
    Is this really what i thought?

    My mind wonders,
    No questions being answered
    When you pull me to ur chest
    And hold me tight.

    At that moment, I saw tht i love you.
    Your why i fall asleep smiling
    And wake up frowning, because
    The dream wasn't real.

    I want you forever,
    I can't live without you.
    Your mine forever,
    And that's nothing but the truth.