• The Untold Love Story

    There once was a young poor girl who was forced to marry a rich man.
    Though he was kind the girl was heartbroken, she was already inlove.
    To win her best friend's, a poor boy, heart was her intended plan,
    But the rich man would not let her go, he called her his pet dove.

    Oh, how the girl hated that man, but what could she do?
    The boy was too busy looking for a job and lots of money.
    She waited and waited for the day she could tell him 'I love you',
    But the boy knew that she loved how he was smart and funny.

    The boy loved her only as a friend, but how could he tell her that?
    He decied to talk to her, not knowning that she was to wedded soon.
    When they finally met, she told the boy about the rich man as they sat.
    The boy realized that he had to save her from her own doom.

    He promised to come at midnight to save her and that they'd runaway.
    She quickly grabbed her things and waited out on the balcony.
    A maid told the rich man their plan and he wanted to make them pay.
    All day the girl kept singing 'My truelove is coming for me'.

    At midnight, the boy watched the girl from a distance.
    The girl paced back and forth, waiting for the boy.
    He tried to move toward her, but found restitance.
    As the dawn came the girl lost all hope and joy.

    The rich man laughed at his bride to-be, telling her she'll pay.
    The boy left town, hurriedly and ashamed.
    He looked back to see the girl watching him ride away.
    For her unhappiness, she decided the boy was to blame.

    After a few days alone, the boy realized that he loved the girl.
    He rushed back to town, hoping that she still loved him.
    The rich man became cruel and coldhearted in a swirl.
    The girl was giving up since her future seemd grim.

    The boy realized his feelings a little too late.
    She wanted to end the sadness and the on going pain.
    The day he reached town, she ended her fate.
    Trying to get there as fast as he could, his energy began to drain.

    He opened her door to find that the young poor girl had ended her life.
    He couldn't believe it, he fell to his knees and started to cry.
    The boy looked at the proof in her hand, a bloody knife.
    He started to blame himself, he wanted to join her, he wanted to die.

    So took he the knife, held the girl close and ended his life.
    The boy hit the ground, without a sound, light as a feather.
    The rich man found them, the dead boy holding his dead wife.
    The poor boy and the young girl were finally together.