• Kisses for Alice
    Who is she dearsay?
    Is it the little girl in the stockings?
    The blue puffy dress?
    Black headband and white apron?
    But I thought her hair was brunette
    Maybe it' a different story
    Because there is a boy right next to her
    Holding her hand sweetly
    He's dressed in his outfit of his own taste
    Kissing her hand
    Blushing her in the face
    They walk to a garden
    There we see them kiss
    Her heart is melting
    But his smile never fades
    He bites her ear
    She giggles like crazy
    They kiss one more time before their through
    Now they walk over to a house
    They walk inside
    He gently picks her up
    Gently puts her down
    She slips off her little mary janes
    Revealing tiny feet
    He pulls her to the bed
    Slips the stockings off her legs
    There they kiss and fall asleep